TASK:    To present the best aggregate score for the best three flights by four flyers of approved 1/2 A EOT Models.


VENUE:    Any viable field, where the task can be safely achieved.


ELIGIBLE TASK PERIOD:   Any daylight period within a single selected day.


ELIGIBLE MODEL:   Any EOT 1/2 A model meeting the eligibility requirements of section 10.4.5.  Page 15. Of the MAAA  EOT rules.


ELIGIBLE TEAM:   A minimum of four Registered and insured MAAA flyers, but can be as many flyers as can be presented on the day.


ELIGIBLE FLIGHTS:  as many suitable flights, achieved by each team member within the eligible period, as obtained from the motor usage available from the mandated battery and the models gliding abilities and ambience usage as measured from take-off ( hand launch )  to touch down within designated landing aera, in seconds of time.


PRESENTED SCORE:   A point shall be scored for each second of flight, with .5 of a second being rounded to the next second, and less than .5 being taken back to the previous second.


The best three flight scores recorded for a team member, shall be aggregated, and form the particular members best score.   The best four aggregated scores shall be further aggregated to form the presented and submitted TEAM SCORE.  !!!  No selective aggregating of team flight scores shall be permitted. !!!!!   That Is, you can’t select flight two from “ Joe Blogs “ and flights three and six from “ Fred Nerk “ , to make up a score. !!!!


It is anticipated that a team of anywhere between four and say eight or ten flyers shall assemble at a nominated field on a nominated day, and fly in excess of four to six " fly off " 1/2A events, collating and then aggregating each team members flight times, to then identify four team members with the best three aggregate scores, which when added together, will form the presented score .


CHALLENGE PERIOD: The challenge period shall be the particular calendar year involved, so each state team or variants of same can present as many ( day ) scores as can be achieved, with the best score on behalf of the state within the year’s period, being adopted, and then possibly taking out the Challenge. !!!! ( Say Cut-off Date of 15th Dec.)


TASK PRESENTATION:   It is suggested that for the initial presentations, the attached Excel Format be utilised and presented. 


I will then collect, verify and most importantly present our results and challenge to the SAM114. Organisers in the US, to get this to become an EOT international challenge, similar to the Frank Earling IC 1/2 A Annual challenge. !!!     Notwithstanding that it should be a lot of fun, and develop considerable commerarderie, whilst providing use and opportunity for further EOT modelling and EOT development.   ( There is nothing to stop a number of EOT models being presented and offered to seconded IC flyers to participate in the team challenge. !!!!



More information


Gary Ryan;  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone  0408 325 048.


Here are details about the places where we hold our events. For information on when events are scheduled, visit 'our calendar' page.




Bendigo Radio Controlled Aircraft Club (B.R.C.A.C) http://www.brcac.asn.au


The main field and clubhouse is south west of Marong, on the road to St Arnaud.
After turning off the Calder Alternative Hwy south of Marong it is just 4 kilometres to the field.
36°45'11"S  144° 5'30"E



Cohuna Model Flying Club

Chugs Road
35°49'58.74"S 144°12'56.26"E



Echuca Moama Model Aero Club  http://www.emmac.com.au



Field Address – Watson Road Kanyapella

-36.179167, 144.931969



No longer available - events moved to Echuca either or Shepparton



Pakenham and District Aircraft Radio Control Society  http://www.pdarcs.com.au

Wenn Rd Cardinia
38° 8'19.13"S 145°26'47.08"E



Valley Radio Flyers http://www.valleyradioflyers.com.au


Ian Watts Flying Field
935 Karramomus Rd  Karramomus
-36.525038, 145.466458 

Wangaratta Aero Modellers (WAM) http://www.wangarattaaeromodellers.com.au

Shanley Street
36°22'34.64"S  146°16'28.13"E


The official national rules for Old Timer events are published by the MAAA and are available on its website here.

They include details about:

  • Aircraft categories
  • Aircraft general requirements
  • Engine general requirements
  • Fuel safety
  • Contest procedures
  • Fly-off procedures
  • Guidelines For Construction
  • Specific Event Rules

At times we may trial new rules or changes at SAM600 events.  In those cases the changes we will list them here along with an appropriate link.  An example is the electric event for Nostalgia models referred to as 'Coota Class'.  It's a new idea for electric Nostagia models and mirrors the IC Gordon Burford event.  Those rules are being developed by the Australian Electric Flight Association and are published on their website, www.aefanet.com

Contest Directors (CDs) also have discretion to modify MAAA rules for our SAM600 events.  If they do, then the changes are generally ones of expediency or to make the event more enjoyable, e.g. limiting an event to the best two out of three rounds. However any changes only apply on the day and are usually in keeping with the ideas in the MAAA rules. 

Rules Links


If you'd like to join SAM600 you can find our membership form by clicking on our logo here. 

Print the form, complete it and post to the address shown on the form, along with your payment.



SAM 600 Flying and Meeting Program

SAM600 distributes a hard copy calendar of our full schedule to our members.  You can download a copy of the 2016 edition by clicking on the image.

We also publish the same information via Google Calendar and it can be accessed on-line. It will also include any updates to the program.

Our calendar includes each meeting's location and in the Description field there is information about which events are on the schedule.

See how to load the link further down this page.

SAM 600 Flying Days

Our contests start at 10.00 am, unless stated otherwise.

All 1/2A Texaco, Duration and Texaco listed events are for both IC and Electric models.

MAAA's 2013 Rules apply. For a copy of these rules click here. (2MB download)

The Contest Director for all SAM600 Contests will be nominated on the day.

SAM 600 Google Calendar

This Calendar can also be displayed by other applications and mobile devices.   You can use the following address to access your calendar by copying and pasting it into any calendar product that supports the iCal format.  


More information and instructions about ways to view the calendar is available at the Google Calendar website. (http://support.google.com/calendar/)