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Updated 17 August  2011
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Past issues ot the Thermaleer and older newletters (in pdf format ranging in size up to 12MB (ie 12,000KB))
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 Thermaleer 125

 July 2011

 Thermaleer 124

 January 2011

 Thermaleer 123

 September 2010

Thermaleer June Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
Thermaleer 119 2009 Sep. Stuff on Electric Tomboys, 63rd Nats Schedule, New 600 Meeting Schedule, Ehling Postal
Thermaleer 118 2009 May:- Pages 1 to 8, Pages 9 to 17, Pages 18 to 25
Thermaleer_117w Mar 2009:-
Thermaleer_116w Jan/Feb 2009:- Cohuna Reort Results and Pictures Haddon Report Results and Pictures Beind the Counter article by David Scot. 2008 Club Campion of Champions, The Dawn of Radio Controlled Flight, Canowindra Entry + Program SAM1066 dixilander Prog SAM1788 Dixilander Celebration
Thermaleer_115w October 2008:-ESGC Results and Report, Watch out for Fred, Mills .75 DH, Push Rod and Horn Geom, Presidents Report, Tres/Sec Letter to Mem.
Thermaleer_114w.pdf Aug/Sep 2008:-Autobiography of Earl F Stahl Inductive Ignition Lead, plus..
Thermaleer_113w.pdf (w=web published) Jan/Jun 2008:- The World of Frog, RR, Haddon, Vic.Racing Engines, Monarto, Return of the Glory Days, Cohuna, 1/2A International Postals, Canowindra Pics and Results.
Thermaleer_112.pdf (last printed copy) Jan/Feb 2008:- New Vic. Chapter 700, new Tomboy event, Cohuna 10-11th Nov 2007, DonH on SAM champs.
Thermaleer_111a.pdf Oct/Dec 2007:- SAM Champs trip, Coota Cup, 25th Canowindra and Wangaratta
Thermaleer_110.pdf Aug/Sep 2007, Dalby Qld Report.
Thermaleer_109.pdf Jul/Aug 2007, About Trimming Pt.1, Haddon May 5-6th, Chet Lanzo Designs
Thermaleer_108_2.pdf May/Jun 2007, Canowindra Apri 6-9th. SwanHill Easter
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Thermaleer_106.pdf scanned Oct/Nov 2006, Frank Ehling Results, Wangaratta, DH on Frog
Thermaleer_105.pdf scanned Aug/Sep, O&R Tuning Tip-Camb Grind
Thermaleer_104.pdf scanned Jun/Jul 2006, Thermaleer 5y ago, Bobcat 3 view
Thermaleer_103.pdf scanned Apr/May 2006, Horsham, Loxton Nats
Thermaleer_102.pdf scanned Feb/Mar 2006, Vic. State Champs Cohuna, Leoplod, Westburn, Early SA Engines
Thermaleer_101.pdf scanned Dec/Jan 2005, Roy Robertson Memorial Trophy, Half A Texaco by DH
Thermaleer_100.pdf scanned Oct/Nov 2005, Dennis Parker beginings SAM in OZ, 38 by DH, Time as Editor JTB, Photographing Models, OK Cub 049 Diesel, Mills Mk. II, Frank Ehling Postal Results, Easter SGC Wang, Echuca, Eaglet, Lil' Aud plans
Thermaleer_099.pdf scanned Aug/Sep 2005, Old Timer Today DH, Small British Diesels, Missionary Work in Gippsland BB, Coronet Plan
Thermaleer_098.pdf scanned Jun/Jul 2005, Half A Scale Concept, Leoplod,
Thermaleer_097.pdf scanned Apr/May 2005, Swan Hill Easter,Haddon,
Thermaleer_096.pdf scanned Feb/Mar 2005, Roy Robertson Memorial Trophy, Westburn, Keil Krafts Bad Boys
Thermaleer_095.pdf scanned Dec/Jan 2005, Echuca-Moama, SA State Champs
Thermaleer_094.pdf scanned Oct/Nov 2004, Frank Ehling Postal, Frog Fox,Eastern SGC, Keil Kraft Senator Postal, Bulldozer Plan
Thermaleer_093.pdf scanned Aug/Sep 2004, Alan King's AK42, Frog Fox, GSSV-23 plans
Newsletter_092.pdf Jun/Jul 2004, 2nd Cootamundra 2004 SAM Champs DownUnder, The Answer, The Nimbus, Rickard Wing, Ethy, Turner Special
Newsletter_091.pdf Apr/May 2004, Playboy Cabin Controversy, 2nd Northern Vic. Champs Cohuna 2004, 12th SAM600 Swan Hill Easter Comp
Newsletter_089_090.pdf Feb/Mar 2004, Frank Ehling Postal, The Bomber debate, David Owen on Schneurle Porting, 18th Roy Robertson MT, Westburn Comp
Newsletter_087.pdf Aug/Sep 2003, Reginald Denny biography, Cleaning engines.
Newsletter_086.pdf Jun/Jul 2003, SA State Champs, 17th Roy Rob, Facts About Fuels #4.
Newsletter_085.pdf Apr/May 2003, Canowindra 2003, Swan Hill 2003, Cohuna O/T
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Newsletter_083.pdf Dec 2002/Jan 2003, Facts About Fuels #3, Cootamundra Jan 2003, Leopold Feb.
Newsletter_082.pdf Oct/Nov 2002, Ray Mathews designs, Half A Postal, Facts About Fuels #1, Facts about Balsa, Cloud Tramp Rubber construction, 8th ESGC's.
Newsletter_081.pdf Aug/Sep 2002, Tom smith's Fried Fritter.
Newsletter_080.pdf Jun/Jul 2002, Joys of RC Assist Don Bekins, Movers and Shakers, By Bill Schmidt, Picking Thermals by Peter Brocks, Jerilderie May.
Newsletter_079.pdf Apr/May 2002, Vic State Champs Haddon, Biography of Ben Shereshaw, Swan Hill March.
Newsletter_077&078.pdf Jan/Feb 2002, Haddon Nov. Swan Hill Easter, A Tribute to Dick Korda, MAAA Nats, Historical and Background Notes to the new GB 5cc Diesel, Roy Rob. MT, Leopold comp.
Newsletter_076.pdf Nov/Dec 2001, Alfredo Herbon Bio. 2001 International Postal results, Don Howie on SAM champs Las Vegus
Newsletter_075.pdf Sep/Oct 2001, John Pond bio, A special report from Barry Barton, Developments in
South Australia, by Don Howie.
Newsletter_074.pdf Jul/Aug 2001, Jerilderie May, MAAA Nats Brusselton WA, Don Bekin on the Red Ripper, SA State Champs Monato.
Newsletter_073.pdf May/Jun 2001, Swan Hill Easter, Cohuna March.
Newsletter_072.pdf Mar/Apr 2001, Vic State Champs Haddon.
Newsletter_071.pdf Jan/Feb 2000 Roy Robertson Memorial Trophy, Herbn Greenberg Bio.
Newsletter_070.pdf Nov/Dec 2000 Editor's photo report from Pensacola USA, 6th E.S.G.Champ's results
Newsletter_069.pdf Sep/Oct 2000, S.A. State Champs & Amco .87 by Don Howie, Herby Greenburg From Ned Nevels via SAMTalk,
Newsletter_068.pdf Jul/Aug 2000, Nats 2000 & Madewell 49 by Don Howie, SA state Champs.
newsletter_056.pdf Jul/Aug 1998 (original pdf files above)
newsletter_055.pdf May 1998 Vic stae Champs (all scaned from hard copy, below)
newsletter_054.pdf Mar 1998 SA state Champs
newsletter_053.pdf Jun 1998 Fisk Hanley report, Air Warden A4 plan, Charlie Bruce on the Drone Diesel
newsletter_052.pdf Nov 1997 3rd Eastern Sates Gas Champs
newsletter_051.pdf Sep 1997 Coronet plan centre fold
newsletter_050.pdf July 1997 The Years of Model Engine Development by Don Howie
newsletter_049.pdf May 1997 SA State Champs Monarto, Vic state Champs Wangaratta
newsletter_048.pdf Mar 1997 12th Roy robertson Memorial Trophy, Weathers Westerner plan and Write up from MAN May 1938
newsletter_047.pdf Jan 1997 Forster 29 (AT) Super Cyclone (Charlie Bruce) Haddon results Nov 1996
newsletter_046.pdf Nov 1996 2nd ESGC Wangaratta results, Centre fold 50" Cloudster
newsletter_045.pfdf Sep 1996 Jim Fullarton on JackFinneran, Record Hound from AT Dec 1941incl plans, Derry Brown Profile.
newsletter_044.pdf **** Need a copy of #44 to place here***
newsletter_043.pdf May 1996 Swan Hill Easter Report and Results, CS Amco 35 Replica Report
newsletter_042.pdf Mar 1996 11th Roy robertson Memorial Trophy results, Haddon, Vic State Champs
newsletter_041.pdf **** Need a copy of #41 to place here***
newsletter_040.pdf **** Need a copy of #40 to place here***
newsletter_039.pdf Sep 1995 Charlie Bruce on Anderson 65,
newsletter_038.pdf Jul/Aug 1995 Swan hill Easter Report and Results
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Jan/Feb 1995 Bob Munn life membership, Winged Yankee Pt 2

newsletter_034.pdf Nov 1994 Report Wodonga 15-16th
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newsletter_023.pdf Jan/Feb 1993. Dick Korda's Powerhouse
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newsletter_020.pdf July 1992, Letter from MontyT, Cotests: SWAMPS May 31st 1992, Bendigo June 20th 1992,
newsletter_019.pdf May 1992 MontyT on the Australian/International Scene, Canowindra Easter results, 45th MAAA Wakerie O/T results
newsletter_018.pdf March 1992 Reports:-Waragul Feb 22 & 23, Vic state Champs Bendigo, Shepparton Mar 7 & 8
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newsletter_016.pdf Nov 1991 a great day at Wooleys Rd. Crip Point (Geoff Tuck's Western Port Field)
newsletter_jan1988 Notice Jan 1988 Notam inaugural election
Minutes SAM SR 1987 Minutes of Meeting for SAM Southern Region (held on 25/8/1987 at the Energy Buisness Centre)