SAM 600 Flying and Meeting Program

SAM600 distributes a hard copy calendar of our full schedule to our members.  You can download a copy of the 2016 edition by clicking on the image.

We also publish the same information via Google Calendar and it can be accessed on-line. It will also include any updates to the program.

Our calendar includes each meeting's location and in the Description field there is information about which events are on the schedule.

See how to load the link further down this page.

SAM 600 Flying Days

Our contests start at 10.00 am, unless stated otherwise.

All 1/2A Texaco, Duration and Texaco listed events are for both IC and Electric models.

MAAA's 2013 Rules apply. For a copy of these rules click here. (2MB download)

The Contest Director for all SAM600 Contests will be nominated on the day.

SAM 600 Google Calendar

This Calendar can also be displayed by other applications and mobile devices.   You can use the following address to access your calendar by copying and pasting it into any calendar product that supports the iCal format.

More information and instructions about ways to view the calendar is available at the Google Calendar website. (