TASK:    To present the best aggregate score for the best three flights by four flyers of approved 1/2 A EOT Models.


VENUE:    Any viable field, where the task can be safely achieved.


ELIGIBLE TASK PERIOD:   Any daylight period within a single selected day.


ELIGIBLE MODEL:   Any EOT 1/2 A model meeting the eligibility requirements of section 10.4.5.  Page 15. Of the MAAA  EOT rules.


ELIGIBLE TEAM:   A minimum of four Registered and insured MAAA flyers, but can be as many flyers as can be presented on the day.


ELIGIBLE FLIGHTS:  as many suitable flights, achieved by each team member within the eligible period, as obtained from the motor usage available from the mandated battery and the models gliding abilities and ambience usage as measured from take-off ( hand launch )  to touch down within designated landing aera, in seconds of time.


PRESENTED SCORE:   A point shall be scored for each second of flight, with .5 of a second being rounded to the next second, and less than .5 being taken back to the previous second.


The best three flight scores recorded for a team member, shall be aggregated, and form the particular members best score.   The best four aggregated scores shall be further aggregated to form the presented and submitted TEAM SCORE.  !!!  No selective aggregating of team flight scores shall be permitted. !!!!!   That Is, you can’t select flight two from “ Joe Blogs “ and flights three and six from “ Fred Nerk “ , to make up a score. !!!!


It is anticipated that a team of anywhere between four and say eight or ten flyers shall assemble at a nominated field on a nominated day, and fly in excess of four to six " fly off " 1/2A events, collating and then aggregating each team members flight times, to then identify four team members with the best three aggregate scores, which when added together, will form the presented score .


CHALLENGE PERIOD: The challenge period shall be the particular calendar year involved, so each state team or variants of same can present as many ( day ) scores as can be achieved, with the best score on behalf of the state within the year’s period, being adopted, and then possibly taking out the Challenge. !!!! ( Say Cut-off Date of 15th Dec.)


TASK PRESENTATION:   It is suggested that for the initial presentations, the attached Excel Format be utilised and presented. 


I will then collect, verify and most importantly present our results and challenge to the SAM114. Organisers in the US, to get this to become an EOT international challenge, similar to the Frank Earling IC 1/2 A Annual challenge. !!!     Notwithstanding that it should be a lot of fun, and develop considerable commerarderie, whilst providing use and opportunity for further EOT modelling and EOT development.   ( There is nothing to stop a number of EOT models being presented and offered to seconded IC flyers to participate in the team challenge. !!!!



More information


Gary Ryan;  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone  0408 325 048.