The official national rules for Old Timer events are published by the MAAA and are available on its website here.

They include details about:

  • Aircraft categories
  • Aircraft general requirements
  • Engine general requirements
  • Fuel safety
  • Contest procedures
  • Fly-off procedures
  • Guidelines For Construction
  • Specific Event Rules

At times we may trial new rules or changes at SAM600 events.  In those cases the changes we will list them here along with an appropriate link.  An example is the electric event for Nostalgia models referred to as 'Coota Class'.  It's a new idea for electric Nostagia models and mirrors the IC Gordon Burford event.  Those rules are being developed by the Australian Electric Flight Association and are published on their website,

Contest Directors (CDs) also have discretion to modify MAAA rules for our SAM600 events.  If they do, then the changes are generally ones of expediency or to make the event more enjoyable, e.g. limiting an event to the best two out of three rounds. However any changes only apply on the day and are usually in keeping with the ideas in the MAAA rules. 

Rules Links